our featured haiku
another blue sky,
another day without you. . .
apple blossom rain

          -Deborah P Kolodji
            Honorable Mention,
            2014 Tokutomi Haiku Contest

Southern California Haiku Study Group


call for submissions

for the 2022


Submissions are currently being accepted for the 2022 Southern California Haiku Study Group Anthology.

Submissions closing date: July 31, 2022.


Southern California haiku poets living between Bakersfield and the border of Mexico, as well as haiku poets in Tijuana, are eligible to submit.  Regular attendees of Southern California Haiku Study Group and Haiku San Diego zoom meetings are also welcome to submit, regardless of current geographical location.  To submit to the linked verse section, one of the collaborators, the one submitting, must be eligible under these terms.


HAIKU/SENRYU: Between 5-10 of your best haiku/senryu, published or unpublished.

  • Place submission within the body of your email. NO ATTACHMENTS ACCEPTED.
  • Single space the lines within each haiku/senryu.
  • Double space between individual poems.
  • Email submission to Kathabela Wilson at both SCHSG.Haiku@gmail.com and SCHSGAnthology@gmail.com
  • Email subject:  Haiku Submission

HAIBUN (optional): Between 1-3 of your best haibun, published or unpublished, will also be accepted for consideration, on a space-permitting basis.

  • Place submission within the body of your email. NO ATTACHMENTS ACCEPTED.
  • Preference may be given to haibun not exceeding three medium-sized paragraphs.
  • Email submission to Marcyn Del Clements at both SCHSG.Haibun@gmail.com and SCHSGAnthology@gmail.com
  • Email subject:  Haibun Submission

LINKED VERSE (optional):  Between 1-3 of your best rengay, collaborative split sequences or tan renga, published or unpublished, will also be accepted for consideration, on a space-permitting basis.

·         Place submission within the body of your email.  NO ATTACHMENTS ACCEPTED.

·         Email submission to Lorraine Padden at both SCHSG.LinkedVerse@gmail.com and SCHSGAnthology@gmail.com

·         Email subject:  Linked Verse Submission


  • journal name, date, issue number of first publication, OR
  • book, publisher, date published, OR
  • name of the contest in which the poem won, placed, or was for any other reason published by association.

INCLUDE within your submission

  • your name as you wish it printed in the anthology, AND
  • your full name, your physical address, and your email address, for communication and record-keeping purposes. (These will not be shared publicly.)


  • All poems submitted must be the work of the submitter.
  • Poems that have appeared in any prior Southern California Haiku Study Group anthology are disqualified.
  • Final selections rest exclusively with the anthology editors. 
  • The anthology editor may contact the submitter to discuss poems and possible editorial suggestions in cases where a poem is unpublished.
  • No photographs and/or artwork are being sought or accepted at this time. If photographs and/or artwork are sought, a separate call for submissions will be announced at a later date.
  • In keeping with historical practice, the title of the 2022 Southern California Haiku Study Group anthology will be selected from among the poems submitted and announced at a later date.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!
Your 2022 Editorial Staff

Kathabela Wilson:  Haiku Submissions
Marcyn Del Clements: Haibun Submissions
Lorraine Padden:  Linked Verse Submissions

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