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our featured haiku
the hoot of an owl
the way Mother put up with
my bedtime questions

         ~ Gregory Longenecker
1st Place
2020 YTHS 
Tokutomi Contest

Southern California Haiku Study Group


we grow you grow

Please contact SCHSG administrator about available copies for purchase

the gentle sway of bamboo 2021 edited by Marcyn Del Clements & Ignatius Fay
a sonic boom of stars 2020 edited by Susan Rogers & Beki Reese
eclipse moon 2017 edited by William Scott Galasso With Deborah P Kolodji
what the wind can’t touch 2016 edited by Naia
drawn to the light 2015 edited by William Hart
apology of wildflowers 2014 edited by Gregory Longenecker
dandelion breeze 2013 edited by Gregory Longenecker
deep in the arroyo 2012 edited by Gregory Longenecker
Scent Of Rain 2011 edited by Billie Dee
60 degrees 2011 (extra chapbook anthology for reading at Beyond Baroque) edited by Wendy Wright & Deborah P Kolodji
An Island Of Egrets 2010 Edited By Billie Dee
shell gathering 2009 edited by Naia
above the tree line 2008 edited by Naia
Rattle of Bamboo 2007 acting editor Linda Galloway, editorial selection committee:  Jerry Ball, Linda Galloway, Deborah P Kolodji, Margaret Hehman-Smith, Wendy Wright
Time and Tide edited 2006 by Jerry Ball
Fledglings edited 2004 by Jerry Ball
beachcomber 2003 edited by Jerry Ball
Jacaranda 2002 edited by Jerry Ball
Anthology 2001 edited by Jerry Ball
anthologies published by SCHSG

Please contact SCHSG administrator about available copies for purchase