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Southern California Haiku Study Group

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our featured haiku
the hoot of an owl
the way Mother put up with
my bedtime questions

         ~ Gregory Longenecker
1st Place
2020 YTHS 
Tokutomi Contest

Southern California Haiku Study Group

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next Member Zoom Workshop Saturday, November 19, 2022 – our SCHSG 2022 anthology launch, “Red Paper Parasols”
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our SCHSG 2022 anthology launch, “Red Paper Parasols”
November 19, 2022

2023 Haiku North America Conference

latest workshop presentation notes

September 17, 2022 Zoom Workshop

On September 17, 2022, Roberta Beary will be joining us from Ireland to talk about  “Haiku (the personal in haiku – when to leave it in, why to take it out)”      

Because Roberta will be joining us from Ireland, where it will be 10 pm at 2 pm, we are going to start with Roberta’s program and have the read around at the end.  Please gather and log in 15 minutes early, so that Roberta can start promptly at 2 pm (10 pm!).

Topic: SCHSG Monthly Workshop

August 20, 2022 Zoom Workshop

On August 20th, 21 poets met via Zoom for the monthly SCHSG workshop:   Mimi Ahern, Lynn Allgood, Cynthia Anderson, Kathryn Bold, Marcyn Del Clements, Janice Doppler, Denise Dumars, Joan Fingon, Lee Hudspeth, Deborah P Kolodji, Yvette Nicole Kolodji, Peter Larsen, Patricia Machmiller, Seretta Martin, Wakako Rollinger, Bona M. Santos, Patricia Wakimoto,Michael Dylan Welch, Sharon Williams, Kathabela Wilson, and Sharon Yee.

After a read-around of haiku, moderator Deborah P Kolodji introduced the guest speaker, Patricia Machmiller, who gave a presentation on “What We Can Learn From the Haiku of Jerry Ball.”  Jerry Ball was the founder of the Southern California Haiku Study group in 1997.

Using a PowerPoint presentation, Patricia talked about Jerry’s early influencers and favorite haiku.  She then asked participants to share their haiku stories, who first influenced and which haiku provided early inspiration.  She then explored Jarry’s evolution as a haiku poet, from his early 5-7-5 haiku to the haiku he wrote as he matured as a haiku poet.  Coincidentally, this presentation was scheduled around the 3 year anniversary of Jerry’s passing.  After the presentation, the group watched the memorial video which was prepared for the 2021 virtual Haiku North America.

Jerry Ball
Photo from HSA Tribute video

August 27, 2022 Lighthouse Ginko

On Saturday, August 27th, the Southern California Haiku Study Group held its first live event since the pandemic with a ginko at the San Vicente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.  We met at 11:00 am on a very hot day, but where cooled by the ocean breezes on the bluff.  Wakako Rollinger, who is a docent at Topanga State Park, led the ginko, and talked about native plants along our trail.  She also brought samples of native plants, including various sages, for people to pass around and smell.  After the walk, we picnicked in a grassy area which included great ocean and lighthouse views.  Fifteen poets attended this event.

Present were:  Lynn Allgood, Sean Carlton, Marcyn Del Clements, D’Ellen, Denise Dumars, Lee Hudspeth, Deborah P Kolodji, Gregory Longenecker, Janis Lukstein, Bona M. Santos, Susan Rogers, Wakako Rollinger, Jie Tian, Patricia Wakimoto, and Sharon Yee.

Standing: Denise Dumars, D’Ellen, Bona M. Santos, Wakako Rollinger, Sharon Yee,
Gregory Longenecker, Patricia Wakimoto, Lee Hudspeth
Sitting/kneeling:  Susan Rogers, Deborah P Kolodji, Jie Tian, Sean Carlton
Not shown:  Marcyn Del Clements, Lynn Allgood, Janis Lukstein
Photo by Marcyn Del Clements

upcoming submissions
Dashboard Horus: A Bird’s Eye View of the Universe

2023 Haiku North America Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio

member book launch
member book launch

Not Your Kid’s Nursery Rhyme Haiku ~ by Bona M. Santos and Susan Burch

member book launch

Backpedaling ~ by Peter Jastermsky

member book launch

Full Circle ~ by Cynthia Anderson

member book launch

Upwelling – haiku, senryu, tanka, and haibun ~ by Lorraine A Padden